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DEEP Connection - where sound meets silence

In this 75 minute relaxation experience we combine the power of natural movement, breath work and meditation with relaxing sounds to create a unique atmosphere, where you can fully connect with yourself and others. Connection with yourself is the baseline for fulfillment and any success in life, no matter which area. 

Our aim is to help our community reach a deeper level of connection to themselves. We believe this makes not only for better and more fulfilled individuals, we know this results in a better community overall.

In a world where individualism has brought us to a highly technical evolved state, we also experience a collective disconnection which needs to be overcome in order for our community to survive and thrive. 

Deep connection is created to help with just that: to create an atmosphere where each one of us can connect to ourselves and deepen our own relationship first, so we can be and do better for our community and the people around us every day.

What to expect:

In this 75 minute session, we will practice and explore natural movement and yoga, breath work techniques and meditate together with sound and silence to achieve a state of flow and relaxation. 

What do I need?

An open mind, a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, some water, a blanket and warm socks, especially for colder days.  No experience in yoga or meditation necessary.

What do I contribute?

We want to be able to offer this at an affordable amount to make it available to as many people in our community as possible. Please keep that in mind. The room, equipment as well es continued education are not for free - and we want to be able to expand our offerings in the future and make it even better. Therefore we ask for a solidarity contribution of 20-30€, depending on what you are able to spend. 
Your contribution might help to support someone else who is not able to give as much. 

When and where?

We practice twice a month on Wednesday evenings at the  

grow. Raum für Wachstum, 

Karolinenstraße 7a, 20357 Hamburg

20:00- 21:15 

We start on time, please come at least 5 minutes before the doors close.

Who we are

Eike is a Strala Yoga and mindfulness practitioner. During the last 5 years she studied with several international yoga and meditation teachers, breath work facilitators and explored many different relaxation techniques. She is a pharmacist and a certified health and life coach and therefore believes in using the best of both science as well as natural healing techniques and make it applicable in daily life. 

Marcel is an experienced musical professional who has travelled around the world and worked with many different cultures. He began his own mindfulness journey during the last couple years. He strongly believes in giving something back to the community which is why he started the project Deep Connection. With his music and sounds he will guide you through the process of connecting to yourself and the community around you.